Law Firm/Collections

Regulatory Procedures

Our procedures module provides a procedure for each law or regulation. You won't need to provide or upload these, unless you want to use our Module Builder to add your own materials and documents.

Each procedure is written to: 

  1. Satisfy the requirements of a law, regulation, policy or examination
  2. Work in conjunction with other procedures to support your company's goals and continued profitability through satisfying your customers

Training & Testing

Federal agencies expect all companies to have a training program in place. Our CMS contains lessons on procedures and a quiz to verify your employees' understanding of the procedure. In 2018 we will launch a new design for training - presented daily in small doses and a continual touch for all staff. Scoring, reports, tracking is all there with the daily short-train design from our partner KnowledgeLink.

Complaint Tracking & Management

One of the three primary modules of your CMS, the Complaints database holds customer complaints sent from the CFPB or other sources. These are entered by you, managed and resolved from the Compliance Umbrella Complaint Module.  


  1. Our database mirrors the fields used by the CFPB
  2. Summary Notes Screen - Any User can take a call on a complaint, search on any field and add notes on the call, no transferring or waiting on hold.
  3. The Summary Notes Screen also allows quick review by management of all call notes. 


Data Security

A Best Practice Approach and attention to training offers a robust method for meaningful improvement and protection. We provide a 'Security Program' for your use as well as a 'Data Breach Notification' exceptions chart for all states.