Want to Run With the Race Horses?

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Mar 02 2017
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Want to Run With the Race Horses?

       I attended a new company launch party after work last night. And I didn't have to leave the office to do that. My office is at DevDigital in Nashville. The company I founded is one of the first group of equity partnerships at Kernel Equity . . . the newest high-tech company in Nashville.

       And yes, I want to run with these race horses. The founders of Kernel are amazing. And once they decide to put an entry into a particular race - that race is won, before the starting gate opens.  If there's a good idea involved and the Kernel assessment is positive, that idea and founder gets to run with a Fortuner 500 trainer (Todd McCullough), as well as a partner that built a $100 million dollar company, and a national fiber network with locations across the U.S. and in Europe, and the largest online store ever on eBay (Peter Marcum).

       Every deal selected by these two race horses will run in the Kentucky Derby. You can't beat that. Nashville is growing it's hitech profile, and its startup profile. With firms like they'll be calling our race The Nashville Derby soon.

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